The D&D Alignment Game: Game of Thrones Edition

Okay, RPG fanatics, it’s time to play one of my favorite time-killing games, “The D&D Alignment Game”! Which of your favorite characters falls into which Dungeons & Dragons-prescribed boxes?

I think the most fascinating aspect of categorizing the Game of Thrones characters is how  passionate every character is. It was surprisingly hard to select a “true neutral”, because even characters who should have been completely neutral (read: maesters), weren’t. Pycelle was evil. Luwin was good. Hodor was good. Granted, “true neutral” is supposed to be the rarest of alignments, but I think it speaks to just how electric each character is in a massive cast.

Forgive me in advance for not being able to list more characters. Varys is “neutral good”, as is Daenarys and Jorah Mormont. Hodor is good. Joffrey is mostly “neutral evil” (though at moments, the argument could be made for chaotic evil). Jon Snuhh is “lawful good” just like his foster father. And Bran Stark? The jury may be out for some. But I have made a very strong argument that Brandon Stark is “neutral evil”. Oh yes. So evil.

Game of Thrones D&D Alignment Grid

DD Alignment Game GoT - Haunted Coconut.jpg

A Few Definitions

LAWFUL GOOD: This is your law-abiding hero who has unwavering faith–faith in law and order, faith in good, faith in honor. And sometimes faith in a deity or two or ten or twelve. Their faith may blind them, but damnit, they have their principles and as long as they follow them, they can better the world and save countless creatures.

NEUTRAL GOOD: The pragmatic hero who seeks to help and save, and can see the virtue in straying from laws or codes if good can come of it. Rules and order are nice and all, but sometimes you have to jaywalk to save a kitten.

CHAOTIC GOOD: This hero is the bane of every law office and government. And the feeling is mutual. Structure, governments, organizations, and rules cannot be trusted to do the best for the world, so the chaotic-good hero must subvert order and promote freedom, all while doing the most good possible. After all, if you can’t commandeer an ice cream truck on a hot day to help a bunch of overheated and hungry puppies and children, then what good are you, really?

LAWFUL NEUTRAL: This is your rules lawyer who adheres to a code, come hell or high water. The rules must be obeyed, whether they ultimately help or harm. “Mother said I can’t cross the road, so I can’t save you from the runaway steamroller. Byeeee!” Their faith in structure is a holy thing.

TRUE NEUTRAL: This is found in the balance of nature. The true neutral creature sees harmony in both light and dark, order and freedom, good and evil. The true neutral is tethered to no side, and can change sides as situations evolve. Instinct can be one motivating factor for the true neutral, and it is said that animals are often of this alignment.

CHAOTIC NEUTRAL: Just when you think chaotic neutral is going to zig, she zags. She’s on the side of good one moment, then she’s joined forces with evil because they have cake. Often impulsive and unpredictable, chaotic neutrals seek freedom.

LAWFUL EVIL: This is the con artist or killer who uses law, order, and/or a code to manipulate the world. After all, the most efficient evildoers have a system, right? Through rules, the lawful evil character can control others, gain power, and swindle. Tyrants, overlords, and Scientologists.

NEUTRAL EVIL: Whatever it takes, as long as I get what I want. This is the evildoer who will use laws, codes, systems, governments, and religions to manipulate others for his gain. But when the order and systems don’t deliver power, wealth, or anything else that the neutral evil wants, there’s nothing wrong with calling down some chaotic thunder. “You’ve been a valuable henchman, and…ooh, I want your cheeseburger.” BOOM!

CHAOTIC EVIL: Cruelty, thy name is chaotic evil. Forget rhyme, reason, or organization. Chaotic evils see others as disposable playthings and don’t work well in pairings or groups. No one can be trusted, and often even money is pointless. It’s all about the pleasure.


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